B i o g r a p h y

Laura Nelson is an accomplished professional alphorn specialist based in Pennsylvania, USA.  For over 25 years Laura has had the opportunity to be a part of many fabulous ensembles and recording projects as well as many national and international live performances and competitions. 


Laura’s acclaimed professionalism focuses on expanding the artistic potential of this marvelous instrument.  Throughout her career, she has had extensive experience in traditional styles of performance as well as projects seeking to push the envelope:  Jazz, American, Symphonic,  Choral, Electronic Music, Poetry and more.  Boldly making a place on the concert stage for the alphorn, Laura has become an advocate in America for the music of Jean Daetwyler.  Making his Concerto No. 1 for Alphorn and Orchestra’s American premiere.  


A recent album credit includes the biggest names in American Alphorn Music.  A performer and composer for the album Prairie Song, the Alphorns of Salzburger Echo, Laura was tasked with creating music for alphorn embodying the spirit and natural beauty of America.  Combining her extensive knowledge of alphorn music with American compositional style she created a new genre for the alphorn.  


Laura has been a member of the faculty at the Schweitzeralphornschule in Schönried, Switzerland, the North American Alphorn Retreat in Solitude, Utah, and the Leavenworth Alphorn Workshop in Leavenworth, WA.  


Feel free to contact Laura for any project: a performance, as a clinician, or as a composer.

©Laura Nelson: Swiss Alphorn Composer, Instructor & Performer
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